About us

We are a family company with a rich and full musical history and great love of music and woodcraft. We joined our two passions into handmade building process of acoustic guitars. Every one of our guitars is an unique work of art, handmade in our fully equipped workshops, where we produce every high quality B’Mar guitar.

In our production we cooperate closely with the Australian school  Thomas Lloyd Guitars – School Of Acoustic Guitar Making, which enables us to apply new knowledge and technique as well as serves the recognition of our B’Mar trade mark. We also cooperate with two American companies, Stewart-MacDonald & Luthiers Mercantile and Madinter of Spain.


We also attend international guitar production workshops and maintain the high acoustic and stylistic perfection of every guitar that we proudly adorn with the B’Mar name.

And because every guitar only comes alive when it is played by a guitar virtuoso, we are proud to introduce a few videos of Gregor Arh playing a B’Mar guitar:

All Gregor’s videos are available on his Youtube channel.